The Parent Participation Program, which functions under the direction of the Parish Education Committee (PEC), supports school operations, reduces costs, and fosters community spirit. Parents are expected to participate to help support the operation of the school.

The PEC endeavours to facilitate all the various work programs but it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent to ensure that they complete their participation responsibility as instructed.

All inquiries regarding the Parent Participation Program should be made by email to

Participation is expected to take place between September 1 and June 30 the following year, as follows:

  • A participating family with children enrolled in the school is committed to a minimum of 40 hours of PEC-approved service per school year.

  • It is the responsibility of each family to communicate regularly with their coordinators and to ensure that they complete their assigned Parent Participation hours. Failure to do so by the end of the school year may result in the processing of your parent participation deposits.

  • Participating families are required to sign a pre-authorized deposit form authorizing the withdrawal, from their account, of $100, then $150 and then $200 for failure to deliver committed services. If the parent is unable to fulfill their scheduled services, it is the responsibility of the parent to find an approved replacement. If the parent (or replacement) has missed a scheduled session or fails to sign in/out, a debit will be processed. Subsequent missed scheduled sessions (or failure to sign in/out) will result in further debits being processed.

  • A non-participating family will pay an Opt-Out surcharge of $400.00 over and above the tuition fee in lieu of contributed hours of service. This pre-authorized payment may be processed in two $200 installments on September 1st and November 1st.

  • Any family that is fined two or more times in one year for missing their Parent Participation shift will be required, by the PEC, to opt-out of the Parent Participation Program the following year by paying the opt-out surcharge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We do not know what our parent participation duty assignment is for this year.

A: Please contact the parent participation coordinators immediately at

Q: We would like to split our parent participation hours between several different duties.

A: Unfortunately at this time, the parent participation program is not administratively setup to accommodate this request. Parent participation hours must only be earned in the category assigned.

Q: Can I double up my hours and finish my duties by January?

A: Most duties require coverage for the entire school year, participation is expected to take place between September 1 and June 30 (there may be pre-approved exceptions).

Q: What if I am late for my shift?

A: Please make every effort to contact the school office (not while you are driving :)) to let them know when you will arrive, especially for supervision, hot lunch, etc. This way the office may find an interim replacement until you arrive.

Q: What if I am unable to make my assigned shift time?

A: Your coordinator and the school office must be informed prior to your shift date/time, however, you are responsible for finding an appropriate adult replacement for your shift. Failure to fulfill a shift without warning will usually result in the processing of your parent participation deposit.

Q: We frequently volunteer at Parish and school events. Can these hours count towards my parent participation 40 hours?

A: Volunteer commitments in a Parish or school event will not count towards parent participation hours unless prior approval from the PEC has been given. These activities such as driving to/from sports events, fundraising, field trip chaperoning, walkathon, Fun Day, etc provide additional opportunities for parents to participate in the school community and help strengthen our Catholic community. Typically, volunteering for the Parish is not counted as contribution to the school Parent Participation program. Parent participation jobs/duties are pre-approved and set by the PEC so please submit any requests to the PEC for discussion.