IC Walkathon 2019

Thank-you for supporting our annual Walkathon fundraiser.

We use this important event to raise money for the items that make IC Delta different from other schools. The money raised allows the school to purchase items that help students have greater access to technology like iPads and Chrome books, library resources, access to quality sports equipment, fun outdoor education activities and an outstanding arts program!

Last year we raised $33,000 dollars. We are challenging each student to raise $10 more than they did last year. This is the best way to get your names in for the draws for great prizes such as gift cards, sport equipment, a bike, and an iPad . Each $20 raised gets you an entry to the prize raffle. More money raised makes for better chances to win prizes!

Pledge Forms

Each child has received a pledge sheet to take home in order to collect pledges from family, friends and neighbors. Another great way to obtain pledges is to take the sheet to your workplace and get your colleagues to pledge your child.

Online Credit Card Donations using the Chimp Website

Remember you can also donate using a credit card online through the Chimp website and send this link to friends and family out-of-town and have them support our Walkathon as well. For donations made through this site, tax receipts are issued directly through CHIMP, not by IC Parish. Click the button below to make a credit card donation through the secure Chimp website:

Making a Donation

We are asking parents to complete these three steps:

1. Complete the paper pledge form for all donations except those done through the CHIMP website.

2. For any donations for which you would like a tax receipt issued ($20 and over):

• Enter all donations that are $20 or more on the online pledge tracker form found here:

• Information must be complete on the online form or tax receipts can not be issued.

• Parents can total the other smaller donations and enter them in their name.

(Please note: donations not entered online will not receive tax receipts)

• Do NOT enter Chimp donations on the online pledge tracker form.

3. Send in a single cheque per family for the total donations attached to the paper pledge form(s).

Thank-you for your generous support!